As you approach Milfiori, you will see a beautiful old stone building, "The Italian Store".  It, along with the farmhouse were built in 1861 by Antonio Gagliardo.  The old store, also known as the "Wells Fargo Building" served as a commercial center for the thriving Douglas Flat mining and farm community, consisting of mostly Italian and Welsh members.

The store at one time housed the post office, the bank, a tavern (one of seven in town) and was a community meeting place.  At the rear of the building is a gun port where the guard sat to protect the Wells Fargo gold shipment.

The property was also the site of the community well, still filled with water.  A magnificent old hay barn used for community dances sits at the rear of the property.  A water trough behind the house was used by stage coach horses.

Next door, on adjacent property, is the Douglas Flat school house, believed to be the first school built in Calaveras County.  It was built by volunteers and is still maintained by volunteers.

The school house was dragged up the hill from Coyote Creek when gold was discovered.  Extensive mining was done behind the property and mine shafts can still be found.
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